Secondary Education: Years 7 - 10

Sex, Sexuality, The Law, and Personal Values

  • Students work towards defining sex and explore differences in definitions.

  • What is the legal age for sex, what is sexual assault, what does the law say about the use of digital media to express sexuality or sexual relationships?

  • Students explore how their personal values are informed and influenced by family, society and media. They then investigate how their values influence decision making around sex and relationships.

Safer Sex

  • What is safer sex?

  • Contraception

  • Sexually transmissible infections

  • Accessing services to assist sexually active young people to maintain excellent sexual health

Respectful Relationships

  • Recognising healthy and unhealthy relationship behaviours

  • Negotiating, setting and respecting boundaries

  • Practicing enthusiastic consent in platonic, romantic and sexual relationships

  • Recognising at-risk relationships in others

  • Accessing services to assist victims and perpetrators of sexual coercion or abusive relationships

Exploring and Expressing Sex and Sexuality in the Digital World

  • The law, sex and digital media

  • Negotiating, setting and respecting boundaries in the digital realm

  • Expressing relationships online while minimising risk of exploitation

  • Examining gender double standards and calling out exploitative behaviours

  • Sexual media literacy. This includes discussing pornography, how it differs from real life sex, un/ethical manufacturers of pornography, the role of women, sexual minorities and people of colour in pornography, consent and affection.

Each unit can be delivered as stand-alone content, however best outcomes are achieved when students participate in all units.

All units are inclusive of the needs of same-sex attracted, asexual and gender-diverse students.