Primary Education: Years 5 & 6

Year 5 and 6 students need more comprehensive sexuality education than that which is offered in the lower years. AusVELS recognises the need for education on students' changing bodies and emotions as they approach and experience puberty. Questions about romantic and sexual relationships also become urgent for this peer group. Even if individual students are not personally interested in entering into romantic relationships, our heavily sex-saturated media leads to many misconceptions or exaggerated notions of sex and sexuality. These classes offer a safe space for students to receive accurate information and ask difficult questions anonymously.

This is a five-hour program that can be delivered as five one-hour sessions or as a one day program.

Session One - Bodies and Puberty

  • Anatomy 

  • Sex (male/female/intersex) and gender (boy/girl/transgender/non-binary)

  • Physical changes experienced by all people during puberty

Session Two - Periods and Sperm Production

  • Ovulation and menstruation

  • Sperm production and wet dreams

Session Three - Emotions

  • The impact of hormones on emotions

  • Strategies for managing strong emotions

  • Romantic and sexual feelings

  • Sexualities

Session Four - Sex and Babies

  • Conception (including varied pathways to parenthood beyond sexual intercourse)

  • Foetal development

  • Birth

  • This session includes information about the law, young people and sex.

Session Five - Body Safety and Healthy Relationships in a Digital Age

  • Consent - Students explore setting and respecting physical boundaries in platonic and romantic relationships

  • Social Media, sex and sexuality including the law, young people and social media use

  • Sexual media literacy - breaking down the messages young people receive in the media including an analysis of sex, power, gender inequality, unrealistic portrayals of bodies and relationships.

Year 5 & 6 modules cannot be booked individually, as each unit builds upon the information learned in the previous session.