Primary Education: Prep - Year 2

Simple, age-appropriate information and activities are explored over three one-hour sessions. This gentle introduction aims to teach children about their bodies, the role of families, how babies are formed, and how they can keep body-safe.
Sexual intercourse is not covered at this level. Children are encouraged to share stories about their arrival in their family.

Session One - My Family

  • Who is in my family

  • How are families similar and different?

  • Why are families important?

  • How do people in my family celebrate each other?

  • Healthy family relationships

Session Two - My Body

  • Identifying genitals and reproductive organs

  • Discussing the difference between private and public body parts

  • Learning body safety (protective behaviours) strategies

  • Building on the first lesson by identifying 'safe' people in the child's life.

Session Three - Babies

  • The basics of conception (an egg and a sperm need to come together before a baby can grow)

  • Foetal development

  • Birth

Body Safety resources have been developed by primary teacher Jayneen Sanders, author of the acclaimed Some Secrets Should Never Be Kept.

Prep - Year 2 modules cannot be booked individually, as each unit builds upon the information learned in the previous session.