Forming a Sex and Sexuality Collective at your secondary school.

Sexuality education in secondary school leaves little time for more nuanced conversation. Unique Sexuality Education believes that young people should be empowered to lead their own discussions about the topics most relevant to them.

This five-hour workshop (available in smaller blocks for timetabling) will equip student leaders to facilitate conversations about:

  • Safe spaces

  • Anatomy

  • Sexuality

  • Gender identity, expression and in/equality (this includes feminist principles as well as recognising the rights and needs of transgender and non-binary students)

  • Safer sex (including for same-sex attracted and gender-diverse young people)

  • Respectful relationships

  • Challenging homophobia and transphobia

  • Pornography and sexual media literacy

  • The law; being sexually active, digital sexual content (nudes, sexting, use of hookup apps), consent, sexual assault and rape

Student leaders will work with Unique and a teacher to organise all aspects of the collective, from gaining school permission, booking a suitable space and time and setting an agenda for each term's meetings. Students will be trained on protective interrupting and identify the support available in the school and externally for themselves and other students if need be.

Student led sexuality workshops in the news.

Out Of Home Care Education

Unique recognises that young people in and out of home care may have experienced school disruptions that leave gaps in their sexuality education. Students in out of home care have a significantly higher risk of exposure to inappropriate sexual content or behaviours.

Programs can be tailored for young people in foster care or residential care.

Out of home care sexuality education (OHSE) follows the same curriculum as in school programs.

Primary Sexuality Education modules

Secondary Sexuality Education modules

OHSE differs in that class sizes are smaller (a maximum of twelve is recommended) and classes are run as workshops on a given topic that responds directly to the needs of the group. Unique will work closely with carers and care providers to provide safe, confidential and developmentally appropriate education for young people.

Sex Ed After Pregnancy

Unique has worked extensively with the Council of Single Mothers and their Children and understands that young mums (single or partnered) have sexuality education needs that differ from their peers. Sex Ed After Pregnancy is a fun, safe way for young people to explore sexuality. 

Sex Ed After Pregnancy is an eight-week workshop where we discuss:

  • Myths about sex and bodies
  • The pros and cons of various forms of birth control and safer sex (including birth control demonstrations where applicable)
  • Sex and the law; being sexually active, digital sexual content (nudes, sexting, use of hook up apps), consent, sexual assault and rape
  • Unplanned pregnancy
  • Respectful relationships
  • Periods
  • Body autonomy: negotiating with partners, parents/carers, and health providers

These workshops are open to all young people who have experienced pregnancy. Participants may or may not have: carried to term, be currently parenting, identify as heterosexual, identify as a woman.