Information Sessions

When your school books a Primary Years in-school program they will also have the opportunity to hold a one-hour Information Session. These sessions can be held just prior to or after the end of the school day. They can also be held in the evening...whichever best suits the parent/carer community.

During this session Unique will outline the program content, demonstrate some of the educational tools, and provide ample time for a Q&A to address any concerns that adults may have about the program.

This workshop is for adults only.

Getting Real! ... on Porn, Nudes, Social Media and Kids

Cyber safety is widely taught in schools by teachers and external educators. Getting Real! is unique in that it directly addresses how digital media has shaped young people's exploration and expression of sexuality. Studies place the average age of first exposure to pornography at anywhere between seven and eleven years of age. Most of these first experiences are inadvertent, the young person has accidentally stumbled across content, has been shown content by another child, or has searched for something innocuous with the search engine returning inappropriate content.

As a child becomes older they may turn to the internet to have questions answered about sex, sexuality and relationships. Unlike searching for "how does my heart work?" , searching "how does my penis work" is likely to return information that is incorrect and age-inappropriate.

During adolescence, it is common for young people to use the internet to explore romantic and/or sexual relationships in the same way that our generation used the telephone and our grandparents' generation wrote letters.

Getting Real! gives adults real tools for helping guide their digital native children safely through childhood and the teen years.  

It can be booked through your school or community group.

"I appreciated hearing about the type of behaviour children are engaging in at different ages, how this is changing and how we can protect kids from engaging in risk behaviour; different social media; how to start and have conversations about what is happening and how to help keep kids safe." - parent of a primary aged child.

This workshop is for adults only.

Body Safety

Childhood sexual abuse is often a parent's greatest fear. Approximately one in four girls and one in nine boys experiences childhood sexual abuse. One of the greatest tools we have to prevent childhood sexual abuse is to empower children and their parents/carers with body safety strategies.

Teaching body safety begins before the child is left alone with people other than her primary carer(s). From a very early age, adults can teach children that they have a right to body autonomy, that secrets can be told, and that they will be believed and protected if something does occur .

Early Childhood Body Safety Workshops are provided to families of infants and preschoolers. The workshop provides simple strategies that adults can incorporate on a daily basis to role model body safety to their children. The workshop also gives adults tools for alerting other adults that their family is body safety vigilant. This has been shown to be an effective preventative tool.  The workshop discusses warning signs to look for to ensure early detection and intervention in the unfortunate circumstances that a child is abused.

Primary Years Body Safety Workshops are provided to parents and carers of children from prep to year 6. Completing a Primary Years Body Safety Workshop will give adults tools for talking to their children about appropriate and inappropriate touch, help them identify safe people they can turn to if they feel uncomfortable, and give them language to describe any inappropriate actions. The workshop also provides strategies on how to communicate your family's body safe boundaries with other people your child spends time with.