Sexuality Education Professional Development

This five-hour workshop (can be broken into two sessions) supports primary schools looking to develop their own whole school sexuality program. Open to teachers, welfare staff and administrators, the workshop provides age-appropriate information over each AusVELS level and exceeds the curriculum requirements.

The program covers:

  • Safe spaces and inclusive language

  • Naming genitals and reproductive organs

  • Body Safety

  • Identifying and maintaining safe relationships (family, friends, trusted adults. Years 5 & 6 will begin to discuss safe romantic relationships)

  • Gender identity and stereotypes

  • Conception

  • Foetal development

  • Birth

  • Puberty

  • Identifying and managing strong emotions

  • Providing same-sex attracted and gender-diverse (SSAGD) inclusive sexuality education

  • Managing sexual abuse disclosures

  • Identifying developmentally inappropriate sexual behaviours 

This is an interactive workshop where staff will begin to develop their own lesson plans and resources to enable them to run sexuality education classes with their students.