Reflecting family values in sexuality education

In any one class there will be as many unique sets of values as there are individuals. Unique Sexuality Education sees its role as one where accurate information is provided and students are directed to family or caregivers in order to receive guidance. Questions that have been redirected back to guardians have included:

What is the right age to have sex?

Is it OK to masturbate?

Should I use pads or tampons?

For each of these questions Unique educators will give accurate information but will not offer values guidance.

As education professionals, Unique educators know the power of language to include or exclude. Unique programs are carefully developed to ensure all students feel included regardless of: family structure; sexuality; gender; religion; cultural background; physical and neurological ability; and economic advantage.

For example, when talking about families, Unique educators will refer to 'your grown ups' instead of 'mum and dad'. This allows for inclusivity of children from single parent families, same-sex headed families, children raised by foster parents, grandparents, in group homes or by any other caring adult.